Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This piece is as of yet untitled. I was planning on drawing a specific Halloween scene, but instead came up with this portrait of a young girl. There is a dark cloud above her head, and her eyes are somewhat forlorn, though they look directly at you. Her face is wan and pale, her neck thin and taut.

The project was created using oil pastels on a gessoed art board measuring 9x12 inches (22.9x30.5cm). The board I used this time is smooth rather than textured like the canvasboard was that I used before for my collage. I started with her having bright orange hair, but then after her face was mostly done I colored over it black, leaving some orange behind it, to match the overall feeling of the piece.

A friend suggested I add a mood monitor type of thing to each project, so I will. At the moment, I feel relatively calm yet somewhat pensive. It's also late at night and I'm having trouble sleeping, as sometimes happens when I have PMS. Heh. More information than you wanted to know, I'm sure...

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