Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New year, new decade!

Some goals, resolutions, and aspirations for the NEW YEAR!

1. Cook more meals

2. Stick to values

3. Get a part time job

4. Maintain healthy relationships

5. Save money

6. Take good care of myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually

7. Finish reading a good book or two by the time I hit 30 in June!

8. Organize, redecorate room and office

9. Keep up with blogging (so far, so good!)

10. Learn more about different types of art

11. Give Dad more hugs

12. Give dog more walks/attention

13. Count my blessings on a daily basis

14. Reduce Diet Coke/soda intake

15. Increase calcium/vitamin D intake

Other things I'd like to work on are balancing my time online and catching up on some TV. Most people's resolutions are to DECREASE their time watching TV, but seeing as how I watch little/none, I have decided to try the opposite!!!

HAPPY 2010!!!

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