Friday, January 1, 2010

Up and running!

Success! I was finally able to make a working clock!

The peace clock was made of a wooden base (the exact type of wood is unknown, but it is hard wood). Then I painted it with Kilz, a stain blocker. I then painted it over with acrylic paints, added the letter tiles from my mosaic supplies along the outside, and got a long-stemmed quartz wall clock movement. I found that today at the craft store. I finally removed a piece of metal from inside the base (formerly used to hold up a standing doll) by fitting a screwdriver into the front and tapping it with a hammer. The back of the piece is pictured, where you can see the piece of metal to which I refer.

Once that was done, I carved a large enough hole for the movement stem to fit through. Then I added my own clock hands and put the AA battery in the back of the movement, and VOILA! A working clock!
I hope to paint over any areas that need it next, and possibly finish by covering the face with Mod Podge to seal it. I'll post pics as soon as possible!

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